Miscellaneous Projects

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To kill some time while me and my (now) wife were dating long distance, I posted a countdown on Twitter and/or Instagram each day for the next time we would see one another. Each day had a different visual style.

For Hudl Skunkworks 2017, I helped a few engineers build a toolbar application to quickly search for GitHub repositories and perform actions on them. Actions including cloning or checking out repos, opening it in a specific application, and more.

For my sister's 30th birthday I decided to make her a soundwave print based on the #1 song when she was born, and have made a bunch since either for presents from me, or on behalf of my friends & family as gifts for weddings, birthdays, etc.

Research in product design often requires one to sit in front of a computer and watch videos for a long time. In an effort to scratch my own itch, I have started to build out a web application to import a video and take notes on it as it is playing. When the user types, the video pauses and resumes when they press 'return' to add a new note.

Click tests are a quick, easy, and cheap way to perform research on simple interactions, but the products that allow researchers to perform these tasks are often buggy. With that in mind, I’m currently figuring out whether it will be viable to create my own with a simple financial model and rock-solid foundation to make the lives of researchers easier.

Thank you for getting to the bottom of the page. As a bonus for traversing my portfolio, here is a photograph of my cats smushy little legs and feet. They are softer than they look.

I’ve worked with Luke several times over the years, and always found him to be a very smart, insightful and meticulous designer. His problem-solving skills are excellent, and he always has fabulous hair. Hire him.

Damon Charles, Freelance Designer