Redesign & Recommendations

I was asked to make a series of design suggestions for Gousto, a company with a simple product offering yet complex interactions. A prime example is the way price, portions, people, etc. are worked out during the order process.

My recommendations included introducing a clear typographic hierarchy to the page, grouping sections / areas through the use of whitespace to avoid introducing clutter to the interface, giving colours clear roles, and making sure everything feels touch-friendly.

Luke is a phenomenal visual designer, probably the best I've ever worked with. His work manages to be beautiful in form without sacrificing clarity in function. He is open to feedback, works well with others and has an astounding level of rigour in process which means he works extremely quickly. My own best design work happened when working with Luke and this is no accident. Work with him. He's always the first pick in my design teams.

Will Myddelton, User Researcher at GDS