End-to-End Redesign

coop, the 2nd largest supermarket in Switzerland, approached cxpartners to work on an end-to-end redesign for their online supermarket coop@home. The project ran from September 2014 to July 2015 and my role was as the senior designer of the project – overseeing all design decisions and coming up with the overall design system for the site.

A huge part of the project was visiting Switzerland and running numerous workshops to discuss how to evolve the brand and to manage expectations of a company with a steep hierarchy and many subjective opinions throughout. We agreed upon a set of design principles for the project, each of which I needed to be able to refer to for all design.

This project length manifested itself as over 300 static comps, a highly usable website appropriate for the Swiss market, and a design manual for developers and designers alike to use for the future of the coop@home website.

Luke was the head designer for our recently relaunched online supermarket. The design side of the project was rolled out within a challenging context - very engaged top management, restrictive corporate style guides and tight timing - but Luke's work ethic, vision and ability to create a unique style within those constraints has given us a design for the future, which works beautifully from desktop to mobile. I very highly recommend Luke and his work.

Ellen Brasse, Head of Marketing & Sales at coop@home