Luke Jones

Two Quick Tips to Find Remote Work in Tech

November 3, 2018

Ditching the commute and becoming a remote worker has changed my life for the better. It’s provided me with freedom of travel, given me the opportunity to spend time with friends in my favorite coffee spots while we work, and a whole lot more. Heck, I even met the person I married because I was working remote. What are the odds?

But finding that job can be a challenge. So here are two things I did to get remote work (at my third place right now).

Make a list of all the places you’d love to work

Find the things that had an impact on your life and see who made them, there’s a possibility they’re a remote company and even more possibility that they’re hiring.

Open up a blank document and write a list of every single place you would love to work. Don’t think, just type. Open the apps on your computer and phone, look at your favorite video games, see what brands you buy most often from, see who you follow, or think about the design agencies you admire.

Go through this list, check who is hiring, and even contact the places that aren’t – many companies are looking for talent but haven’t had the time to write a job description yet.

Check out the following sites

There are a heap of job boards for remote work. Most of them allow you to search and set up alerts for certain kinds of jobs, allowing you to filter by job title, location, and salary.

Here are some sites to try out:

Remote work can be a dream for some people, and more and more companies are offering remote positions. If you have a lifestyle that suits remote work, the tips above should help you find your dream position – so good luck!