Luke Jones

Books Every Designer Should Read

March 26, 2020

I’ve been asked a few times to recommend books to people in the creative profession, so I’ve compiled this easy to find list for your perusal.

If you have book suggestions I’d love to hear them, send me a tweet or an email. I’ll keep this list up to date, and you should also follow me on Goodreads. Most of these books are available on, an alternative to other book selling giants. I urge you to borrow these from your local library or buy them from a local bookstore instead.

Books on Design

Books on Process & Research

Books on Writing

Books on Leadership

Books on Understanding People & Yourself

Spend more time reading fiction and topics that interest you

Non-fiction tends to delve into a small numbers of subjects very deeply without much room for interpretation or imagination. Fiction forces you into your own imagination. A good author will create a world that excites you, a world that you never imagined could exist. It forces you to empathize with characters and put yourself in other peoples’ shoes; it forces you to read a description and picture it in your mind – these skills may prove more valuable to you than reading dozens of books about how to draw rectangles more effectively.

I like to read to wind down after a long day at work, so the last thing I want to do is sit down and open a book about what I’ve been doing all day. If I want to feel inspired, I read about things that inspire me – books about screenwriting, music, and standup, or biographies about filmmakers. These subjects aren’t directly related to my day job, but they fuel my enthusiasm and help me understand how people think. Don’t back yourself into a corner by only reading text books about your job. Broaden your horizons instead.