Triodos Bank

Concept Design

Project Description

Triodos, a European ethical bank, approached cxpartners to produce a suggestion on how to modernise their existing website, which is outdated for the current market.

I made a number of suggestions including a total revamp of the use of colour, form, and typography, each of which felt over-complicated and bland when compared to their computers. I trimmed the palette down to the use of shades of green, white, and grey, introduced the use of angles, and chose a more legible humanist sans-serif font.

Luke was a key part of the design team at cxpartners and remains the best UI designer I've worked with. Technically excellent, endlessly creative and with a skills base that covers UX, design and frontend, Luke is a designer I'd recommend unreservedly. He's also pretty funny, which helps.

Chris Berridge, Head of Design at cxpartners


Redesign + Recommendations

Project Description

I was asked to make a series of design suggestions for Gousto, a company with a simple product offering yet complex interactions. A prime example is the way price, portions, people, etc. are worked out during the order process.

My recommendations included introducing a clear typographic hierarchy to the page, grouping sections / areas through the use of whitespace to avoid introducing clutter to the interface, giving colours clear roles, and making sure everything feels touch-friendly.

Luke's design work is second to none. He's an incredible asset on any team and his work never fails to impress clients. He has great business head on him and communicates well with everybody - from senior stakeholders, designers and developers to project managers and project leads. He also happens to be a lot of fun to work with!

Bill Hewitt, Project Manager

The Studio

Branding & Identity

Project Description

cxpartners were approached by Nationwide to create a new identity for their one-client agency The Studio. Brand values were created for the project, these were ‘dynamic’, ‘confident’, ‘experimental’, ‘aspirational’, ‘cool’, and ‘experienced’.

With the values in mind, I drew inspiration from the Bauhaus School of Design by using clean lines and modernist shapes. I added my own contemporary twist of gradients, shadows, and curved corners to emphasise the confident and experimental nature of the brand whilst being steeped in traditional graphic design thought.

Luke played a key role on the projects he worked on - thanks to his talent as a designer, and breadth of skills. As a designer with technical skills and an appreciation of user experience, he was perfect for projects where integrated teams worked to move ideas rapidly from concept to prototype to finished design. His sense of humour and enthusiasm he was a popular team member and brought a positive energy to his work and the people around him.

Giles Colborne, Managing Director at cxpartners

[email protected]

Design Language + End-to-End Redesign

Project Description

coop, the 2nd largest supermarket in Switzerland, approached cxpartners to work on an end-to-end redesign for their online supermarket [email protected]. The project ran from September 2014 to July 2015 and my role was as the senior designer of the project – overseeing all design decisions and coming up with the overall design system for the site.

A huge part of the project was visiting Switzerland and running numerous workshops to discuss how to evolve the brand and to manage expectations of a company with a steep hierarchy and many subjective opinions throughout. We agreed upon a set of design principles for the project, each of which I needed to be able to refer to for all design.

This project length manifested itself as over 300 static comps, a highly usable website appropriate for the Swiss market, and a design manual for developers and designers alike to use for the future of the [email protected] website.

Luke was the head designer for our recently relaunched online supermarket. The design side of the project was rolled out within a challenging context - very engaged top management, restrictive corporate style guides and tight timing - but Luke's work ethic, vision and ability to create a unique style within those constraints has given us a design for the future, which works beautifully from desktop to mobile. I very highly recommend Luke and his work.

Ellen Brasse, Head of Marketing and Sales at [email protected]

Chat app

Design System + Layout

Project Description

I was asked to create a design system and a few screens for a conceptual chat room app for a mass-market audience. The soft colours and rounded form of shapes complement FS Albert, a friendly, highly readable font I chose to sit at the core of this project.

The strong use of space and proximity ties elements together in the UI. Combined with the use of light colours in the app, this provides an uncluttered, usable, and friendly experience.

Luke is a phenomenal visual designer, probably the best I've ever worked with. His work manages to be beautiful in form without sacrificing clarity in function. He is open to feedback, works well with others and has an astounding level of rigour in process which means he works extremely quickly. My own best design work happened when working with Luke and this is no accident. Work with him. He's always the first pick in my design teams.

Will Myddelton, User Researcher at GDS

Brilliant Project

Visual Design

Project Description

Working alongside the Head of Design, I helped develop the visual language and produce templates for Brilliant Project, a company who produce bespoke bedroom furniture.

My primary focus was on how users navigated through the site and clicked onto products, such as choosing glass types, adding items to favourites, and viewing customisation options. In addition to this I worked on the finer UI details such as primary and in-page navigation, the social integration sections, and the footer.

Luke is a skilled versatile designer. His work ethic is superb, always going above and beyond what is asked. Like any good designer, Luke is a great problem solver who thinks, discusses and considers his approach before implementation, as opposed to just making things look pretty. I highly recommend Luke and am looking forward to working with him again in the near future.

Niall O’Connor, UX Designer at Yoti

Miscellaneous Work

A selection of disciplines

Working with Luke for several years I was always impressed with his energy, his attention to detail and his dedication to designing the best possible experience. his expertise in visual interface and font selection, as well as his hunger for understanding of the latest developments in digital design practices was vital to the projects we worked on. Luke is an energetic and engaging team member, and having him on board will always be an entertaining experience.

Rob Matthews, Agile Project Manager


Writing + Illustration

Project Description

In my spare time I enjoy reading and, as a result, writing. I started using Medium in Spring 2015 and have since published several articles, a couple of which have received a warm response: Optical Adjustment and 3 Typographic Tips For A More Comfortable Read – both aimed at non-designers and written in an accessible yet direct manner so anyone can read, understand, and use the tips contained within.

Lovely stuff.

Shakin' Stevens

Thank you!

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