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25 March 2014

Devices shipped

Disclosure: this was a response I originally sent to Khoi Vinh after I read this short post.

I find the metrics used in Cennydd Bowles’ post misleading. Why? Because I don’t think it gives us the whole picture of iOS vs. Android users. ‘Devices shipped’ is very different to ‘Number of Android users buying on their devices’ or ‘Number of Android users on my website’.

19 February 2014


This weekend me, Steve Cable and Rob Matthews are taking part in a 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for SpecialEffect, a wonderful charity who help bring the joy of video games to disabled people.

Please help us raise money by donating here

To make it interesting, we have set ourselves a challenge to spend those 24 hours playing 16 of the worst games ever made, including ET (Atari), Charlie’s Angels (PS2), and Ride to Hell Retribution (PS3).

31 December 2013


I am not Dieter Rams, Paul Rand, Jonathan Ive, or Saul Bass. I never will be. They are the 0.01%. Their contribution to the planet only matters to 0.01% of the population. Becoming recognised and famous wasn’t a goal for these designers. It was a by-product of their hard work.

These people are amongst the most famous designers who have ever lived. But just like us designers would have difficulty naming the most influential lawyers, few people outside our industry could name these influential designers. No designer is as famous as Picasso, Bowie, or Suarez. And none ever will be.

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