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24 April 2014

Good design ain’t pretty

Good design is not about making something pretty. It is about making something usable and intuitive – the beauty of the product will be a result of these things.

If you think about how something looks instead of how it works, you end up with this:

Victor’s OSX A still from Victor Erixon’s idea for the next OSX. Click to enlarge

At face value, this design is pretty. It is trendy. The UI is nice and spacious. Some people would glance at it and think it was wonderful. Dig deeper however, and the design causes more problems than it solves.

What a user interface (UI) should do

For an established operating system like OSX, the purpose of the user interface is to make everything as easy to use, accessible, and intuitive. The end-user needs to be able to perform the necessary tasks in the shortest amount of time. The interface needs to be flexible, a list of 10 documents needs to be as easy to navigate as a list of 1,000 documents.

25 March 2014

Devices shipped

Disclosure: this was a response I originally sent to Khoi Vinh after I read this short post.

I find the metrics used in Cennydd Bowles’ post misleading. Why? Because I don’t think it gives us the whole picture of iOS vs. Android users. ‘Devices shipped’ is very different to ‘Number of Android users buying on their devices’ or ‘Number of Android users on my website’.

19 February 2014


This weekend me, Steve Cable and Rob Matthews are taking part in a 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for SpecialEffect, a wonderful charity who help bring the joy of video games to disabled people.

Please help us raise money by donating here

To make it interesting, we have set ourselves a challenge to spend those 24 hours playing 16 of the worst games ever made, including ET (Atari), Charlie’s Angels (PS2), and Ride to Hell Retribution (PS3).

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